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6 Simple Steps to Assess the Real Cost of a Fixer-Upper

Trying to decide whether to buy a fixer-upper house? Follow these seven steps, and you’ll know how much you can afford, how much to offer, and whether a fixer-upper house is right for you. #1 Decide What You Can DIY TV remodeling shows make home improvement work look like a snap. In the real world,…

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By Devon Thorsby It’s the question you can expect from friends and family as you navigate the due diligence process of purchasing a home, especially because it’s hard not to share when you’ve had an offer accepted on the house you hope to call home: “Did the house pass inspection?” If only it were so simple….

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Top 10 Most Expensive Mistakes You’re Making on Your Home

By Cary Teller Homes cost a lot of money to maintain. But are you spending extra money unnecessarily on upkeep? Here are 10 of the most expensive mistakes you could be making in your home. 1. Using Traditional Light bulbs If you still have incandescent light bulbs in your home, you could be throwing a…

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