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Lincoln Nebraska Discount Realty

We can sell your home for 3.25%

Full Service Realty at Discount Rates

We offer comprehensive real estate services for just 3.25% which is the lowest rate in Lincoln. There are no hidden broker, selling, or listing fees. This full service real estate at a discounted rate makes home buying & selling more convenient for you.

25 Years of Real Estate Experience

We have detailed knowledge of the Lincoln real estate & commercial market. We have also built relationship’s throughout the city which help expedite home sales.

Local & Family Owned

We understand saving money and receiving impeccable service is a priority in today’s real estate market. We provide all the guidance a seller needs and can do it for less than half of what Lincoln’s large real estate companies charge.

Home Smart Agents

Jeff & Amy have a combined 25 years of experience in Lincoln real estate

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